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Behaviour training PAWS helping dog owners understand their dogs and live happy lives...

  • Please remember there are no quick fixes for bad behaviour, many times we treat only the symptom and not the cause by getting your dog training right the first time you can save frustration and heartache in the future.

    We can help you understand what is going on in your dog's mind and why behaviours are born. Using only positive methods of reinforcement and clearly showing your dog what you want him to do opposed to what you don't makes for a great learning environment. Dogs that are physically forced into obedience, or trained though outdated punishment methods are fearful, unhappy, confused and stressed.

  • Remember behaviour problems such as, anxiety, hyperactivity and destructive or bad behaviours are psychological, not training issues and we are happy to help you create a individualised modification programme to help overcome these.

    We are passionate about dogs, and provide a range of services to dog owners. We are an ever growing team, consisting of trainers, behaviourists, nutritional advisers and walkers you can take advantage of their experience and knowledge and choose the service that suits you and your dog best.

Scent Work

We provide group workshops primarily in tracking and can also deliver private lessons. Pop along to one of our fun days and have a go. At Paws, we endeavour to reveal the dog's way of perceiving the world and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games. If your dog has a nose, he can track unlike agility or obedience where the dog has to follow commands, scent tracking comes naturally to a dog. Our aim is to provide education and assistance in interesting and rewarding scent games and activities that people can do with their dogs. We endeavour to enhance the understanding, bond and teamwork between dogs and their owners and to provide enrichment and learning for all types of dogs and handlers. Course start in the summer. Sign up for our newsletter to secure your place.

The Real Dog Yoga

Real Dog Yoga is a programme of training. It ultimately involves teaching dogs to express and hold specific body postures, expressions and actions that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and help them to become or remain calm. The programme has designed an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs have specific areas and communication signals they can use to opt out at any point. Regular breaks are taken following a protocol to ensure that emotional stressors such as frustration do not complicate learning patterns. Classes are ran in 6-week blocks, one to ones and occasionally fun trial drop-in sessions. Sign up for our newsletter for the next enrolment date.

  • Socialisation

    Socialisation before 16 weeks is critical for a puppies healthy psychological growth and development of coping skills, after 18 weeks of age puppies become less open to new experiences.

    A lack of positive exposure to new places, meeting different people and experiencing new things can lead to behavioural problems in later life.

    Getting off on the right paw. Whether it is your first puppy or you already have a dog and are not sure on the best way to introduce your new arrival we can give you all the advice you need and a guide what to expect in the first few weeks and how to avoid the common pitfalls.
    Every 6 weeks we take a small group of puppies and their owners around the Weedon area, They normally last around 30 minutes, in this time we will aim to expose you and your puppy to as many experiences as possible in a positive and fun way to help them mature into friendly, happy dogs. Please sign up for our newsletter for dates and more information...
    Puppy classes are a valuable step to getting on the right paw from the off, if you only ever take one class this should be it! Please check out the IMDT website for your local training - or I can personally recommend
  • Diet and Behaviour

    There are many debates around food and hyperactive behaviour...

    Just like children dogs can be affected by what they eat but finding the 'best' food for your dog can be a minefield full of fantastic advertising campaigns and wonderfully packaged products. There is a guide called 'allaboutdogfood' that can help you through this, created by David Jackson a canine nutritionist, you can search by breed and weight or simply check out the score out of 5 and it's easy to use, Take a look.

Behavioural Training Prices

  • Individual Training

    These are ideal for owners that need specific help or dogs that are nervous around others. We can help you work on any area of your training you are struggling with and hopefully give you a better understanding of what drives your dog's behaviour and how to motivate a better response which should help build a stronger bond with your dog.

    • 30 mins - £10.00

  • Group Training

    We offer small sessions to help with the basic training and support, these are normally on the weekends in a secure field in small groups, Booking essential for dates and (more information CLICK newsletter link)

  • Consultation & Training Programme

    This is a bespoke programme to identify any behavioural problems you have with your dog and create a training programme to help you understand and modify the behaviour. Initial questionnaire completed via email, then a consultation in your home environment where we can observe and identify any underlying motivations and emotions behind the problem areas. With the knowledge gained from this, we will write a full report and training plan that will give you a behaviour modification programme that will be tailored specifically to you and your dog.

    • Full consultation - £150.00

    • Training consultation - £75.00

    • Further support is offered via media for the first month.
    • We base all of our training on science-based positive reward methods.
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