Mantrailing is a fun dog sport that really is suitable for all dogs.

  • Mantrailing is a fun dog sport that really is suitable for all dogs. It is like no other activity or sport It is completely unique to any other dog training sport. It can help with unwanted behavioural problems such as fear, hyperactivity, phobias, stress, anxiety and reactivity towards dogs and or people. These dog behaviours normally lead to you becoming extremely isolated with a list of disappointing experiences and missing out on the opportunities of taking part in various dog activities.

    As the sport builds on the dogs natural tracking ability, it puts the dog in control and you as a handler have to learn to read your dog's body language and assist in environments where they are struggling. This builds an amazing bond between you, grows confidence and reduces anxiety in your dog.

    The sense of smell is a dog's primary sense it dominates its brain, so it makes perfect sense that Mantrailing provides a mental game that they enjoy, Your dog's brain is literally built around the information they get from scents! They build smell memories and these are closely linked to emotions. When a dog inhales, scent molecules stimulate chemical messages that bypass other areas of the brain and go straight to the amygdala, the brain’s emotional centre. The amygdala passes emotional judgments to other structures that collate memories and these are passed onto the cortex. Emotionally appropriate hormones are then released into the body, which also affect mood. This is how we use Mantrailing as part of a behavioural modification programme to change the way your dog reacts to certain situations.

    We will teach your dog to follow a specific scent and find the person it belongs to, you as a team will progress through more difficult environments and longer trails, learning to work junctions, doorways, buildings, urban and even through towns.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get trailing!


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