Mantrailing is a fun dog sport that really is suitable for all dogs.

  • DogHampton has three instructors that hold regular mantrailing sessions weekly. We also offer skills sessions to ensure your trailing foundations are the best they can be. Advanced sessions, weekends specials and assessments with Susanne Broughton. Not sure mantrailing is for you? then read on!

    Mantrailing is a truly unique and rewarding activity for you and your pet dog. It not only provides a fun sport but also helps address unwanted behavioural problems like fear, hyperactivity, phobias, stress, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression.

    By allowing your dog to make independent choices, mantrailing helps shape preferred habits in their brain, gradually replacing unwanted behaviours. This process interrupts and redirects negative behaviour, providing therapeutic benefits and satisfaction for your dog. The result is increased confidence and stress-free experiences for both of you.

    Engaging in mantrailing builds an incredible bond between you and your dog, as you work as a team to find missing persons. It boosts your dog's confidence and self-esteem in a short period, offering mental stimulation without excessive physical exercise. This makes it ideal for energetic dogs, puppies, seniors, or those with physical limitations.

    Dogs' sense of smell is remarkable, with up to 300 million olfactory cells, far surpassing humans' 5 million. Mantrailing taps into this powerful sense, providing intellectual stimulation and a fulfilling brain workout for your furry friend.

    Become the ultimate team with your dog through mantrailing, enjoying success after success, and embracing a closer bond with your four-legged companion!

"It is invaluable dog training"

Unlike some other dog sports that may be competitive or over-arousing, mantrailing stands out for its problem-solving aspect. This fantastic activity encourages dogs to think and solve challenges, leading to increased confidence and a greater receptiveness to behavioural modification training. When the dog is engaged and eager to learn, it can effectively change its reactions to various situations, such as encounters with people, dogs, or other animals. Mantrailing offers a natural approach to training, enhancing the dog's overall behaviour and response.

"By making Mantrailing the best game ever, we change the priorities for the dog."

In the realm of dog training, reversing habitual behaviours can be a real challenge, such as incessant chasing or barking at other dogs. But what if we could turn things around by making training more enjoyable and rewarding for our dog? That's where mantrailing, a natural game with incredible benefits, comes into play. Mantrailing can revolutionise your dog's behaviour, boost their confidence, and unleash their innate olfactory prowess.

Changing Priorities through Fun and Reward:
By transforming mantrailing into an exhilarating and rewarding experience, we effectively change our dog's priorities. Suddenly, chasing a runner loses its allure when they realise that following a scent trail leads to the ultimate reward. Many dogs find trailing inherently rewarding, making it a game they can't resist playing.

Unstoppable "Job" for Our Canine Detectives:
Once our dogs grasp the concept of mantrailing, there's no stopping their enthusiasm for the "job." Their focus intensifies, and they become single-minded in following the trail to find their missing person. As a result, distractions like other dogs are entirely ignored, even for dogs previously reactive to such encounters. This newfound focus empowers our four-legged detectives, creating a positive shift in their behaviour.

"It is believed that they can detect a tea spoon of sugar in an Olympic sized pool."

Canine olfaction is a growing area of scientific investigation and there are many new applications surfacing every year. The dogs’ brain is built around the information it gets from scent which is closely linked to emotions. Endorphins are chemicals that are produced in the brain during times of stimulation and excitement, they create feelings of calmness and happiness and decrease stress and anxiety.

When endorphin levels are too low the dog is likely to feel under a lot of stress, which can result in undesired or obsessive behaviours that the dogs use as a mechanism to cope. Anything that induces pain or excitement boosts endorphin levels, so a dog could chew his own paw, spin, or chase shadows all day as their way of creating enough endorphins for normal function.

The more the brain can be engaged and challenged with new behaviours, the more relaxed and content the dog will be. Stimulating the dog mentally and physically can help it cope with lower-than-average levels of endorphins being produced.

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