Our Staff

  • Susanne Broughton - Owner

    Welcome to Doghampton, the premier behaviour and training company founded by Susanne Broughton, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in training and dog sports. As an Accredited Canine Behaviourist and a full practicing member of the International Canine Behaviourists, Susanne is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners build better bonds.

    With a level 5 ILM in Business & Management and a psychology degree, Susanne brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Based in the Midlands, Doghampton specialises in scent sports and resolving behaviour problems. Susanne's passion for training extends beyond borders, as she has trained internationally and recently launched an online coaching platform called "Taming Chaos" alongside her head trainer, Emma. This platform is specifically designed to assist owners of chaotic dogs in understanding their pets better and fostering stronger relationships.

    Susanne's impressive list of qualifications includes being an Instructor & Assessor with Mantrailing Global, a G&G Scent Detection Instructor, a Scentwork UK Trainer, Judge, and Trials Manager. She is also a certified UK College of Scent C&G Detection Handler and a UK College of Scent Dogs Tracking Instructor. As a World Scent Dog Association (WSDA) instructor and a trainer with the IMDT, Susanne is committed to providing top-quality training and behaviour solutions. Additionally, she is a registered member of the Ppg, ensuring professional and ethical practices.

    When you choose Doghampton, you're choosing a trusted expert who will guide you through the journey of understanding and connecting with your four-legged companion. Get ready to embark on an incredible partnership filled with learning, growth, and positive transformations.

  • Ewan - Trainer - NASDU

    Ewan is a dedicated professional with a passion for understanding and communicating with dogs. In 2018, Ewan successfully completed the IMDT level 4 OCN qualification in canine behaviour, equipping him with the ability to not only speak the language of dogs but more importantly, to read their signals and behaviours. This valuable skill allows him to truly connect and empathize with our four-legged friends.

    In addition to his expertise in canine behaviour, Ewan is also a qualified Mantrailing Global Instructor and a NASDU dog handler. These qualifications further enhance his knowledge and abilities in working with dogs, ensuring that he can provide the highest level of care and training.

    Beyond his work in the field of canine behaviour, Ewan has a passion for assisting in the growth of businesses. Alongside his day-to-day job, he continues to lend his expertise to help businesses thrive and succeed.

    With Ewan's unique combination of qualifications and experience, you can trust that you are in capable hands. Whether you're seeking guidance in understanding your dog's behaviour or looking for assistance in improving your scent detection or Mantrailing skills, Ewan is here to provide valuable insights and support.

  • Emma Bearman - Head Trainer

    It was Emma’s own dogs that kickstarted her journey to becoming a dog trainer. The challenges that they have thrown at her over the years sparked her love for learning, in particular how dogs learn; Emma’s training style focuses on how our dogs feel, and how we can help them to thrive with reward based positive training.

    In October 2022, Emma qualified as a Mantrailing UK Instructor. She is now working towards her ABTC accreditation as Animal Training Instructor.

  • Emily - Area Manager

    Emily became a part of our team in the summer of 2018. In the spring of 2019, she brought home her own lively pup, Floki, who has been her constant companion ever since. Together, Emily and Floki have immersed themselves in the world of dog sports, participating in flyball, mantrailing, scentwork, and agility over the years. Emily has a deep passion for learning about all things dog-related and has always sought to explore various aspects of this fascinating field. In addition to their involvement in numerous sports activities, Emily has also completed several courses, including canine health & nutrition, a short course on canine anxiety, and most recently, a comprehensive behavioural diploma. Adding to their canine family in Spring 2022 is Freya, the newest recruit who has seamlessly adapted to the dog walking lifestyle. Throughout their time with us, Floki and Emily have had the pleasure of meeting almost every pup under the care of Pupminders.

  • Trisha - Area Manager

    Trisha has been a valued member of the Pupminders team since 2016. Throughout her time with us, she has made significant strides in her career, progressing to the position of an area manager, and taking on additional responsibilities within the business. In 2018, Trisha also took on the care of a rescue dog with behavioural issues, which prompted her to pursue various training courses to better understand and address her dog's reactivity. Currently, she is in the process of completing her BCCS diploma level 3 in dog behaviour, further enhancing her knowledge and expertise.

    Trisha's dedication to expanding her understanding of dogs and their behaviour has influenced her work in a specialised manner. She now focuses on tailored walks for dogs that are reactive and require specific attention, as well as training walks. Throughout her journey, Trisha has received unwavering support from Susanne and Ewan, who have been instrumental in her growth over the past seven years. She expresses her gratitude for their guidance and assistance.

    Trisha's commitment to continuous learning is evident in the various courses she has attended, including "30 Days of Canine Science," "Puppy Lab," "Scent for 6," and the BCCS level 3 diploma in dog behaviour from PETbc. With her accumulated knowledge and experience, Trisha aspires to achieve even more in her training endeavours and progress towards a more prominent role as a trainer.

  • Vicki - Area Covered: Weedon

    I have always had a deep love for animals since childhood, having various pets over the years. I have two young sons aged 5 and 8, and a fur baby Nika the French Bulldog.I'm currently studying for a Veterinary Nursing Assistant Diploma with an aim to train as a Veterinary Nurse. Being able to work for Pupminders part-time is a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience working with animals.I am excited to be part of this team and to be working towards something I'm passionate about.

  • Verity - Area Covered: Kislingbury

    I love all animals and enjoy caring for them to the best of my ability. I have 3 dogs one is now 14, another is an ex-breeder rescue, my third is a people reactive dog who I am trying my hardest to train out of her fears. I also have a parrot who I have tricked trained and enjoy spending time with. I feel my calmest and happiest around animals they are so amazingly therapeutic. I believe just because you work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the company of animals. That’s why I enjoy dog walking as it means that I get to meet lots of amazing animals and that families can have an animal even with a busier lifestyle. Your pets will be in best care with me.

  • Sophie - Area Covered: Weedon

    Sophie loves all animals and enjoys spending time with them. She currently has one dog but would love more. She loves meeting and getting to know everyone’s pets and being outside in the fresh air.

  • Steve - Area Covered: Daventry

    Steve is retired but loves to be outside and active, he has one dog and loves getting to meet so many different types of dogs and spending time having fun with them.

  • Mikayla - Area Covered: Daventry

    Mikayla has just joined the team and is loving getting to know all the PupMinders Dogs.

  • Melinda - Holiday Cover

    Melinda joined us in 2019 and is currently taking her canine behavioural level 3 diploma. "I’ve had a passion for dogs since I was a child - playing with and raising everything from Jack Russells to Great Danes! I bought my first family dog, Benson (Springador) when he was a puppy and he’s now 10 years old. When I felt the time was right, my second lovely dog, Lady (Pointer X) hopped onto a plane and flew into Gatwick from Cyprus Dog Rescue to join us as in her forever home.

    I love, both spending time with and caring for them, inside and outside, even in the rain! I’ve always wanted to work with dogs, so I’m thrilled to be a part of the PupMinders Team and look forward to caring for your special four legged friends"!

  • Angela - Area Covered: Daventry

    Growing up, our family pets were Border Collies, including two litters of puppies and many dog-friendly hiking holidays in Scotland and Wales, so I’ve always felt very at home being around energetic dogs. I love animals and feel very attuned to their characteristics and quirks, although family pets have been limited to hamsters in recent years, I've always loved being around all sorts of animals. I have two young children, Evie aged 8 and Ethan aged 3 and working part-time for Pupminders is an absolute joy - providing flexibility, fresh air and plenty of fun in the great outdoors! I’m really proud to be a part of this professional and dedicated team and look forward to meeting your dogs whilst walking in the fresh air.

  • Hayley

    Hayley, a proud mother of four children and two dogs, she joined our team in 2023. With a lifelong experience of being surrounded by dogs, her love for animals knows no bounds. Originally from Norfolk, Hayley moved to Northamptonshire and became a part of the Pupminders team. This transition sparked a newfound passion for exploration, and what better way to embark on this journey than with the delightful company of a canine companion by her side?

  • Sophia

    Sophia's love for dogs has been ingrained in her since forever. After years of pleading, her mom finally gave in, and now she has her beloved boy, Wilson. Having Wilson has expanded Sophia's knowledge about dogs significantly. Her ultimate aspiration is to become a dog handler/trainer, and she thoroughly enjoys meeting new furry.

  • Jan

    Gone but her training legacy will remain with us always.

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