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  • Scent Detection

    This involves teaching your dog to search for a specific odour, (clove, gun oil, truffle oil, kong and catnip) ,Once your dog understands the game is to locate and identify these target odours. we begin to hide articles in different locations. The more advanced your dog gets, the more challenging we make the hides.

    Scent work is a great way to engage physically with your dog, and it also mentally stimulating, It's a sport that is suitable for any size or breed of dog, regardless of fitness levels. It builds confidence in dogs, it's good for old dogs or ones with mobility issues too.

    Scentwork is not only fun, it also has other benefits. You will develop a stronger bond, and build your dog’s confidence, it not only provides both mental and physical exercise it's a great game to play on wet days.

    We are SWUK trainer, Judges and trials managers so regularly hold SWUK trials for you to test your skills in. These trials are based on detection-style nose work That are tested against the clock and environment.

    We are also NNA Hosts and trainers; The NNA aims to provide handlers and their dogs an opportunity to compete in the amazing sport of nosework in different and challenging environments. With a route of progression that’s fun & challenging and a wide variety of venues to keep it exciting for both you and your dog. “It’s more than just a trial It’s a training plan”.

Scent Detection Courses

We offer 4 week course in 50 min classes for beginners - £65.00

We offer 6 week courses in hourly calsses, at all levels - £95.00

One to ones to help get you started or work on any issues - £30.00

Workshops to work in various environments and developed skills - £25.00


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