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  • Scent Detection

    This involves teaching your dog… to experience the thrill of teaching your furry friend to become the ultimate detective! Imagine your dog sniffing out specific scents like kong clove, gun oil, truffle oil, and even catnip. Once they've mastered the art of searching for these captivating Odors, the real fun begins. We'll challenge them by hiding articles in various locations, pushing their skills to the limit.

    But this isn't just a game - it's a serious competition too. As we are trainers, judges, and trial managers in SWUK, NNA and the Noseworks games we regularly organise trials for you to put your skills to the test. These trials are inspired by the detection-style nose work practiced by customs and excise dogs. You'll be racing against the clock and navigating through different environments, just like these highly trained canines.

    Of course, if you prefer a more relaxed approach, you can simply enjoy scentwork for the sheer joy of it. Not only will it bring you and your furry companion closer, but it will also boost their confidence and give them both mental and physical exercise. Plus, it's the perfect activity for those rainy days when staying indoors is a must.

    So, are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure with your four-legged partner? Unleash their inner detective and unleash the fun of scentwork!

Scent Detection Courses

We offer 4 week course in 50 min classes for beginners - £70.00

Online Scent detection courses from - £35.00

Progression courses of 4 weeks at all levels (1 hour long) - £80.00

6 week courses at all levels (1 hour long) - £115.00

One to ones to help get you started or work on any issues (30mins) - £30.00

Workshops and drop-in sessions in various environments and developed skills - £15.00


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